Friday, December 14, 2007

The Two Hardest Words

And no, I don't mean "I'm sorry."

I just got back from our elementary school's "Winter Program" performance. Our oldest son is in the fifth grade, and they were the last group to perform. As they were singing Let There Be Peace on Earth, it suddenly hit me that this is the last time I'll ever see this particular child on this particular stage. And I admit it, I got the teeniest bit weepy. Because I see the end of a phase in his life--in our lives--approaching.

I've been thinking a lot about endings in the past couple of days because I am almost finished with the novella I started a couple of weeks ago. In fact, with any luck, I should be writing the words "The End" on it today.

Yesterday, when I realized how close I was to the end, I realized that this will be the first manuscript I've completed since January (when I wrote another, slightly shorter novella in about two weeks). And although I do have a vague recollection of having finished a (terrible) novel when I was in junior high or maybe high school, the only other manuscript I've ever written through to "The End" is now gracing the Magical Mulch Pile.

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lainey bancroft said...

Hey, Jacq!

Yeah, The End is a tough one. I have several mss that are technically 'finished', but the end of an ms is really only the beginning of all the other nonsense that goes along with it. The beginning of where and how to pitch or query it. The beginning of it possibly getting it's poor little a$$ kicked back to you. The beginning of edits and revisions. blah blah blah.

But, on the bright side, I now have four shorts and one full length sweet contemporary that I can really and truly put THE END! on. =)

As far as kid ends go. Ouch. I had to stand back a few months ago and realize I now have two kids in high school! Yikes.