Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Getting with the Program

Warning: This post is not writing-related. Those who want crafty, witty writing advice had best hie on over to the Manuscript Mavens.

Back in the 20th century BC (Before Children, not Before Christ), I was in pretty good physical condition. In high school and on through college, grad school, and the early years of my marriage, I swam. A lot. Competitively in high school, then mostly for fun and fitness.

But AC (you got that one, right?), I pretty much fell off the wagon. Oh, I tried to get back into the habit of swimming on a regular basis, but my life just didn't seem to allow for it. I tried other forms of exercise (biking, walking, etc.), but I'll admit that I simply don't like any of those activities enough to do them religiously.

This week, however, with the kids back in school and the weather very warm, I've managed to carve out a half an hour or so to jump in the backyard pool and do some laps. And it feel fabulous. I'm still very out of shape (I managed a mere 300 yards yesterday and 400 today), but I'm hoping it doesn't take me too long to get a fair amount of my former mojo back. I used to swim 1,500-2,000 yards 3-4 days a week, but I don't expect to get up to those kind of distances in my 10-yards-per-lap pool--I'd get dizzy first. Not to mention that the unheated pool is going to get a bit too chilly to keep up swimming much past mid-October. So, I'm expecting to have to buck up for a YMCA or gym club membership so I can keep swimming through the winter, but I am determined to do it.

So, what's your program goal this week?


Bill Clark said...

Good for you to take advantage of your new-found freedom to do something for yourself!

How did the first day of kindergarten go? Does the poor kid realize he's just started on a 17-year educational trek? :-)

BTW, was I supposed to get something in the mail from you? I know I had trouble with your email address, but I think we finally connected, no? (Just wondering.)

You should definitely go for a gym/YM/YW membership where a large-sized pool is available. Just thinking of all the turing-around you have to do in your backyard version makes *me* dizzy!

Ericka Scott said...

I'm doing slow goal this month is to drink more water!

Congrats on getting back into the swim of things (sorry, couldn't resist)

lacey kaye said...

LOL, Erika!

And yay for Jacqueline! I had no idea. So I'll be expecting a super-sexy Maven come retreat time?

Erica Ridley said...

I've been roller-blading almost every day for about a week now (missed Tuesday, made up by doing double canal laps the following day) which is a record for me as far as sticking to *any* exercise regime goes. It does feel great, doesn't it? I even packed my 'blades in my suitcase...

Lady Leigh said...

Right now I'm just excited to be able to lie flat on my back ;-) Congrats on the awesome final and feeling good in your body.